PurFil® ApS (Purified Filtration) means Refining/ Value-Added Filtration.

Waste management: From Bio-Waste to Bio-Fuel

(Especially relevant for Manure Separation).

  • PurFil® was founded in 2012 by ceo MSc. agro. Anders Tange HD and SDTI A/S.
  • PurFil®´ mission is to develop, produce and market new innovative modulated product solutions for isolation and purification of organic by-products from agriculture and food industry. Our products transform the current costs to future income, by the production of CO2-neutral Biofuels and Concentrated Nutrients: "This together with a sharp reduction of environmental impact on the atmosphere and water environment."
  • Our unique product portfolio is modulated (like LEGO blocks), allowing customers to invest to currently desired final level /separation degree.
  • Should the future offer increased requirements / needs, the customer can simply buy and connect new add-on modules to existing.
  • PurFil® has since 2012 been working on the development of a new basic module PURROT®, which can operate together with our supplementary series of modules, for use in "purification" of liquid by-products. The PURROT® -module is now protected Worldwide (PCT / DK2013 / 050077) like other new modules are being developed and patent pending.
  • PURROT® is, after successful EU ETV verification of a prototype, ready for the market. The Module has proven to be the most effective product on the market for Liquid "Bio Waste to Bio Fuel”!
PurFil®’ approach to Waste Management
  • No chemicals. Our modules (PURROT® and PURUF®) do NOT use chemical (and polluting) additives. This is unique and has not been possible at the present / previous suppliers of separation equipment, which has achieved approximately the same degree of separation as PurFil®.
  • Life / Durability. PurFil® employing ceramics (Titanium Oxide) filters / membranes in our developed Ultra-Filtration Module, PURUF®. Only these can act multiannual during the strong physicochemical stress from aggressive waste water as manure and slorry.
  • Simplicity. PurFil®´ products (generally purely mechanical) is constructed as simple and efficient as possible. We achieve lower operation and maintenance costs and the customer can understand what he buys!
  • Ecology. PurFil®´ separated products (liquid and compost), has (as the only one) in DK been accredited for organic crop production in both agriculture and horticulture.
  • The technology of the individual modules. Please see the description of new and existing processing modules under the "Product overview".
  • Service. PurFil®´ is, with our service network, (and for a fixed price, agreed with the customer), responsible for all inspection and maintenances: This way you can use your time on the primary business.

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